For Small Businesses, This is Big

Though most of this information is pretty consistent with what’s been published in the past, this cool infographic from the OrangeSoda blog really brings home the point about how important local mobile search is.

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While local search isn’t exactly NEW-new (I wrote a blog post called ‘Still Using the Yellow Pages?‘ almost two years ago), it’s interesting to see how much growth there has been – and how much of that is coming from mobile. Obviously this is a trend that is likely to accelerate as mobile continues to advance.

Capitalizing on this can be really beneficial for small, local businesses. But, the time to get control of your local listings is NOW.

One of my favorite sources for checking on the status of your local listings (and claiming/updating them) is Claiming your listing with the search engines is a fairly straightforward (and free) process, so there’s no reason most small businesses can’t do this on their own. Ensuring that the listing is complete (including photos and videos) and doing what you can to optimize it are a little trickier, so if you’re a small biz with time constraints (like most) it may be worthwhile to pay someone to take care of this for you.


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